When you have your home for sale, whether it’s in Crofton, Annapolis, or any other community in the area, don’t forget how important curb appeal is to the selling process. Simply stated, this is the first exposure to your home for most buyers. You want it to be as appealing as possible.

I, along with most agents have driven buyers up to a house that they identified that they wanted to see, only to be told to move on. Why, the curb appeal wasn’t the best. Some buyers do feel, that if the outside isn’t taken care of, the inside won’t be either. There is nothing worse for a home seller to miss that buyer opportunity because the outside of the house wasn’t show ready. Than again, there are those buyers who do their drive bye’s, and never make an appointment. Nobody will ever know how many of those there are out there.

Here are a couple of things you can do to make sure your Annapolis MD home for sale has the best curb appeal:

  • Seasonally appropriate landscaping. Mow the lawn, rake the leaves.

  • Are the rain gutters full of leaves or require maintenance?

  • How do all those cracks in the driveway look?

  • Are the shutters painted, and in good condition?

  • Trim paint is simple, and should be in tip top condition.

  • The front door should be immaculate. This is one of those fixes that are critically important.

  • Trim back the shrubs.

1505 Eton Way, Crofton, MD 21114

Here is an example of a listing I have at 1505 Eton Way, Crofton, MD 21114, that has excellent curb appeal.

You get the idea. look at your home with a critical eye with respect to curb appeal. Don’t let that buyer walk away before they even get to preview the inside. Another thing your agent needs to look at is the pictures in the MLS. Is it June…and do your MLS and internet pictures still show snow? Easy fix, and should be taken care of by your Realtor.

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